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Travel Through Africa: Djibouti

Meet The People of Djibouti


Djibouti's population is seperated in mainly two different groups, Afars of the north and the Somali-speaking Issas of the south. The capital of Djibouti, Djibouti City, is the only urbanized city of the country.

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Citizens of Djibouti are called Djiboutians. There is a popultaion of about 650,000 people most of them located in the nation's captial of Djibouti City. The two main ethnic groups of Djibouti are Afars and Issas, but the country also holds Ethiopians, Arab, French, and Italian people as well. The official languages of Djibouti are French and Arabic, and 94% of the country practices the Muslim religion while the other 6% percent are Christians.Unfortunately, Djibouti's literacy rate is only 46% and most people only have a life expectancy of 43 years. Aside from this individuals in Djibouti are very culturally involved.